Basic Training

Basic Training

Training your lab to do even the simplest of commands such as “sit” can be frustrating. Try to remain calm throughout the duration of your training sessions. If you start getting angry and shouting you Lab will pick up on this and be less interested than when you started.


One of the most frustrating traits with Poppy was her recall. She would rush off at the sight of another dog or human just to say hello. As you can imagine this was so embarrassing and it looks like you have an unruly and disobedient dog.


Now I let Poppy go off and play but it’s on my terms. She will not leave me until I say she can go and play. This is a really nice piece of obedience that Poppy has mastered – especially when it’s dark during walks.


Even though they have a tremendous capability for learning, it's always best to start out with some good Labrador training techniques. Starting with some basics will help you on your Labrador understand each other. The more your dog knows and learns, the more they will become a fine member of the family.

First, use patience when ever dealing with your Labrador. I'm not only talking about those times of formal training sessions with your dog but anytime and anywhere. Your Labrador will respond better if you remain calm during your training. Probably the most important factor providing this result will be a continuous use of patience. Your Labrador will do almost anything to get a biscuit.